Korina Bliss

First Impressions

Miss Korina Bliss is awfully sexy and from the first moment you glimpse her beauty that´s obvious. She has topless pictures on her tour and her tits are big and they look natural. She tells us she´s a DJ and model from Canada and I would imagine she has no trouble booking gigs because guys would flock to a club trying to fuck the DJ if she looked this good. She has perfect hair, perfect lips, and a perfect ass and it looks like a whole lot of fun to check her out in the member´s area.

Hot Promises

Miss Korina Bliss obviously shows off her naked tits inside. On top of that she promises you pictures where she poses in cute outfits, seductive outfits, and totally nude. She promises naughty videos with high quality play and there´s a trailer on the tour if you want a sample of what she does. It looks like good solo action. She also promises webcam shows, which is the most interesting of them. Spending an hour with a gorgeous girl while she wears something sexy and tries to turn you on is an underrated sexual experience. The webcam schedule is posted on the main tour page.


Miss Korina Bliss welcomes you the member´s area with a short note about how she´s happy to have you. She directs you to the forums if you want to chat with her and the webcam shows if you want to video chat. The latest updates are listed on the main page and she´s been pretty good about adding new content. Every couple of days you get something, although I´d like to see more picture galleries and regular videos being added. A wallpaper isn´t really an update and the webcam archive videos are low resolution so they´re not nearly as satisfying as the actual live show would be.

When you join Miss Korina Bliss you get access to her webcam shows and those of all the other Spunky Girls. The same company runs a significant number of solo babe sites and any girl on those sites that does webcam shows is accessible to anyone that joins any site. That means you get a couple dozen cam shows a month. Right now Korina only has one show scheduled so I don´t know if she plans on doing more in the future. Be sure to check the schedule on the tour page for information on that. Even if she doesn´t do shows the four other girls currently doing regular webcam experiences are really hot.

Korina keeps a journal that has been updated with some regularity. The first post comes from several months ago when I´m pretty sure the site wasn´t live so that might be a labeling error. The most recent posts come from September 2010, which just ended as of this writing. She writes pretty personal stuff, like when she recounted her trip to the ER with the most horrible migraine she´s ever had or when she talked about going to Mexico to shoot for Playboy and DJ at a couple of clubs. She occasionally posts candid pictures too.

Speaking of candids, there are two galleries full of sexy shots you can check out. The first are all pictures she took with her cell phone and they´re mostly of her breasts. She doesn´t even include her face in them. She just snaps shot after shot of her hot tits and her amazing cleavage and it´s pretty great. She has a wonderful set of big tits and the candid shots of her in a black bikini are the best. The other candid gallery shows her out and about. She´s at parties, going on vacation, etc. There are more bikini pictures and several of her in sexy dresses. There´s one where she stands behind her DJ equipment topless so you can see why people would show up when she´s working a club.

The real meat of the site is in the picture galleries and the videos. At the moment the site is sparsely populated because she launched just a couple months ago and she´s not updating with weekly pictures and vids. That´s why there are only nine picture galleries to browse. It´s disappointing that she hasn´t done more and her update schedule seems so slow. The other stuff is nice but for me the masturbatory joy comes from the picture galleries and the videos. Everything else is just getting to know her and getting a little closer to her (or the version of herself that she wants to put online).

The image sets show her in a variety of looks despite the small number. In the first gallery ever added she pours baby oil all over her slick body and lubes it up for stunning shots. She starts that set in panties but like most of the others she gets fully naked eventually and we can see the space between her legs and appreciate all that joy that comes from it. Other galleries have her in a sweater, a black bustier, black leggings, a little dress, cute pink socks, and with another girl. In the most recently added gallery she´s a blonde. She does the typical solo girl striptease and model thing and because she´s so outrageously beautiful and sexy it looks great and provides plenty of pleasure.

The videos come in two types. The webcam archive is filled with the past shows she´s done. You can download them in full but they´re not high resolution so they feel a little underwhelming. There are seven high resolution videos to download and they generally run 3-8 minutes. They feature Korina entertaining her fans by playing directly to you and showing off her hot body. Some of the stuff from the picture galleries is repeated and it works. Seeing her actually pour the baby oil on her body and rub it into her tits is stunning.

The bonus content at Miss Korina Bliss is minimal. Under the tab labeled Bonus Stuff you´ll find links to leased feeds. They´re almost all low quality and while they provide a little bit of pleasure it´s not the sort of thing you´d ever pay for. Free sites nowadays have better quality videos than the bonus content. The bonus videos section is a series of short streaming clips that serve as advertisements for other sites in the Spunky network that they should be giving you free access to.

Croco´s Opinion

Miss Korina Bliss is off to a great start. Her site is from the folks at Spunky Girls and like all the others it features a great design, high quality content, and frequent updates. It´s small right now because she launched just recently but the picture and video collections aren´t going to grow as much as they need to until she starts updating them more frequently. Her journal is updated often at the moment and there´s lots of good stuff in there. She´s been doing weekly webcam shows and hopefully those will continue. There are lots of other free webcam shows even if she doesn´t show up to do hers. The main reason the site gets a good mark is because Korina is really fucking hot. Girls as attractive as her don´t come along all that often so you should endeavor to spend a little time in her company.


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Browsing the site is exceptionally easy thanks to a good design.

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